What to feed the kids when they’re doing your head in.

Arsenic. Not really. Only joking. How about something that is filling, reasonably nutritious and delicious on a wintry night? Its got to be baked potatoes with bacon, beans and cheese. (Don’t forget to omit bacon for vegetarian household members).

Baked potatoes with bacon, beans and cheese isn’t exactly adventurous posting material but the real reason for this post is to demonstrate my method for baking the perfect baked potato (its taken my nearly forty years to work out).

I’ve tried pricking it all over, wrapping it in foil, pre-cooking in a microwave, all that. Finally I stumbled upon the skewer method.

Just stick a long metal skewer through your spuds, prick them with a fork and then cover in olive oil and some salt and bake for an hour.

You get a lovely crispy skin and fluffy insides!

Cook up some bacon and pour in the beans.

Then serve it up with a big handful of grated cheese!

15 thoughts on “What to feed the kids when they’re doing your head in.

  1. Looks great !!
    Sometime last year at the church my wife goes to, the youth group had a fundraiser that was a “Potato Bar”. My daughter thought that was the greatest food ever and still likes having nothing but a baked potato with butter and cheese (and ketchup) for dinner !!

  2. Wow. That is a great idea for potatoes! I’m going to try it.

    On another note, what do you mean arsenic isn’t filling, reasonably nutritious, and delicious on a wintry night?!

    Just kidding . . . arsenic is better in the summer 😉

  3. I like! Doesn’t have to be novel food, just a practical solution the average person can do. I remember my mom using large aluminum “nails” to achieve the same thing you describe so well. I think she bought them the kitchen gadget section a very long time ago. However, I don’t remember the oil/salt step when she used them. “Roisin potatoes” from Joy of Cooking is similar without the tasty topping. Go bacon!

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