London Eateries You Might Want To Miss

One of the things I have learned from reading blogs on WordPress is the high regard people have for London – the ‘Greatest City in the World’. We’ve got it all – culture, history, wealth…did I mention cuisine?

Everyone knows we have the best restaurants in the world – Nobu, The Ivy, The Grill at The Dorchester. All good and great for tourists. But what does the real London offer? Where do the locals go after 10 pints of ‘Aunty Stella’?

Lets take a look…

You could try a kebab at the ‘Elephant & Castle‘:

How wasted would you need to be to go in here?

But maybe you fancy a Take Away. Try Eles Cafe just next to the International Rail Terminus (that was at) Waterloo:

Take Away what?…Botulism?

However I personally think a trip to ‘Charisma Cafe’ is well worth the trouble, if you happen to be in Wimbledon (maybe after watching the tennis?)

Who needs Strawberries and Cream when you can get a cup of tea from here?

Hope you enjoyed this little trip around the lesser known eating houses of London. For more gems you can view the book where these pics came from delightfully named ‘Shit London’ by Patrick Dalton.

13 thoughts on “London Eateries You Might Want To Miss

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  2. I loved London, but was totally amazed that first, had trouble finding a great fish n chips place, and secondly when I asked for tartar sauce for my fish the entire kitchen staff commiserated and came up with a soup tureen with marinara sauce. Maybe it was my American accent!

    • More likely they weren’t English!? London is a Cosmopoliton city, full of Europeans (Polish, French, Czechs, Italians, Spanish, etc…) Tonight my Groceries delivery chap was from Russia (I had to ask!)


    This is hysterical! It reminds me of when I worked at a wine store/bar and everyone would always ask me what the best wine was (best is so subjective). I used to wonder what I would say if someone asked me what the shittiest wines were, and one day I mentioned this to a regular and he said, “Yeah! Show me the shittiest wines you have!”

    We popped open a couple bottles of stuff that could probably have doubled as paint thinner. He gave me a big tip and said, “Yep. Those are really shitty.”

    • One thing I’ve noticed about America, since I’ve been working for Americans, is how seriously the wine thing is taken. In any bar or restaurant a specific wine is asked for, people swish it, sniff, eye it up – I think I’m being flash if I ask for Chardonnay rather than ‘anything as long as its dry and white’.

  4. But how does the food taste there ??
    One of the best BBQ joints around me looks like a dump, but has the best BBQ I’ve ever had !!!
    If you see mice and roaches, then maybe you should avoid it !!

  5. Charisma Cafe – maybe thought as a catchy title to lure customers by someone not in full command of the language? Reminds me of the “Hong Kong Pizza King” in a midwestern city…good place to go if you were drunk!

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