Suburban Plague!

A plague is spreading through our suburban dream! It’s called Take-Away Plague. For the past three years we have collected (well I’ve collected, the Mrs thinks I’m round the twist) the take-away fliers that get posted through our letterbox. I’ve now got more than 500 of them:

500 leaflets selling Curries, Pizza, Kebabs, Chinese, Thai, Fried Chicken, Burgers – you name it, its all here. That works out at 3 a week. The best ones come through straight after Christmas. While I’m thinking salad and culinary abstinence, these temples of evil are trying to tell me that their low-fat mozzarella cheese pizzas are actually good for me!

The ironic thing is that the only place we ordered from, from all these fliers, has just closed due to lack of interest. Anyway it gives the recycling team at the local council something to do.

10 thoughts on “Suburban Plague!

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  2. I agree with your Mrs. but they are definitely a pain and the delivery people often can’t understand the sign ‘No Junk Mail’!! Plastic charity bags are another pain in the backside. No doubt many of them end up being burnt by young kids in third world dumps so they can get high as with glue!!

    On a lighter note, they make excellent paper aeroplanes!

  3. That is the biggest pile of fliers that I have ever seen! Are they all from different places?! Wow. That is a lot of hard to recycle glossy paper. I am with you: with all that competition, how do they make money?

    • I’ve always thought that owning/operating my own restaurant would be great, until figuring out that as owner, you would have to work 6-7 days, 80 hours to make a go of it. That’s the only reason many of these places can stay open.

  4. Wow – quite the collection! I have to admit, we get barraged with take out flyers all the time, but they go straight to recycling. Sadly, if something new came along, I would miss it! If I want the pizza phone number – it is so quick to find on the internet, check their flavours of the month and go! No muss, no fuss! But, now that I think about it – we probably do take out less than once a month – we are really not the target market for these guys!

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