I won the lottery

Not really but I won the next best thing – Blog Awards!

I don’t know why but some people like reading the random posts found at Happinessstanliveshere. Well I do know but I pretend not to because that might jinx it.

So since it started Happinessstan has been awarded ‘The Versatile Blogger’ (by thesweetkitten and Languedoc Lady) and also the Liebster Blog by Nisha.

My humble thanks for apparently getting it!

The Sweetkitten is a Belgian traveller, food photographer, and, most importantly a Tintin fan. Her best posts feature reviews of locations of stories featuring my favorite cartoon character. She has teamed up with a Viking (I imagine him to be 7ft tall with a massive red beard; could be wrong though).

The Languedoc Lady is a retired (I’m guessing quite early) Californian living in Southwest France with her husband. Her posts remind me of my own luck in being married to a woman who’s parents moved to Aix-en-Provence many years ago. Southern France is a blogger’s dream indeed.

Nisha is a South African writer. She has had the guts to pursue her ambition and has gone full time! Many years ago I thought about writing but spent too much time reading Stephen King and not enough time on the Classics. nmwritersbloq.wordpress.com features reviews, the author’s own works and general musings on life.

For both Awards you must nominate other blogs which you like (15 for the Versatile Blogger and 5 for the Liebster Blog) I’ll do 10 here total and add more as I go:

1. One Man’s Meat

A really great food/photo blog and I’m always envious of someone who works for himself!

2. gingerfightback

If you want left-field with a red-headed flavour, look here.

3. crudmykidssay

This parent really knows kids!

4. MyBurntOrange

An excellent blog about ‘Afro-Cosmopolitan’ food.

5. BaconTime

A blog about food, life and a bit of TV. Right up my street. (And check out the gravatar the guy looks just like one of The Eagles.

6. Susartandfood

A great food blog from the wonderfully named Nova Scotia. (Sounds like Mars but its Canada.

7. Reclaimingthegoodnameoftheepicurian

It gets my vote just for the name

8. Frommyfrontstep

A great profile blog of a newly married couple in (im not sure but guessing) the USA

9. Aixcentric

A site that will have you wishing you lived in Provence. Seriously.

10. shecooks,heeats

A great foodie blog but are the roles ever reversed I wonder.

Now finally I’m supposed to say somethings about me:

  1. Married
  2. Two kids
  3. 42 this year
  4. Have been compared to Jack Dee
  5. Have a marketing background
  6. Can still play the guitar but only when drunk
  7. I’m always drunk
  8. That last one isn’t true the drink-drive laws in this country are just mad
  9. Don’t give a toss about the Olympics
  10. But my wife does so we will go

Have a fun year in 2012! No really do, if the Mayan’s are right it could be your last…

17 thoughts on “I won the lottery

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  2. Thanks so much for that. After the Christmas lull in traffic, this is a lovely boost. Keep at it.
    For the record:
    1. Married
    2. Two kids, if you can call 22 and 19 kids.
    3. 53 this year (until September and clinging to it!)
    4. Have been compared to Warren Mitchell though I would prefer Warren Buffet.
    5. Have a marketing background (30+ years in advertising)
    6. Can’t play anything except the fool.
    7. I often appear drunk, though not when I think I ought to be.
    8. Will look at the Olympics and laugh when I think of the once rumored ‘Irish bid’. My next sporting trip to London will be to see Leinster win their 3rd Heineken Cup. The last time I booked for that eventuality, I saw Wasps beat the Tigers (both Leinster and Munster going our in the earlier stages).

  3. #1 Married 20 years
    #2 One 8 year old
    #3 50
    # 4 Have been described as looking like either someone from Duran Duran and/or George Clooney
    #5 History/Political science (but crunch numbers for a living)
    # 6 Same here
    # 7 not always, but am leaving room for improvement
    #9 Me too!!!! I live near Chicago and was VERY,VERY,VERY glad that Chicago did not get the Olympics.

    As far as the Olympics go they lost most meaning (to me) when the Soviet Union fell apart. The “East Vs West” aspect always made it meaningful and exciting.

  4. Thank you very much !!!!
    I have to apologize profusely as I have just checked my “Spam” bucket and found several of your comments !!

    Sorry I didn’t get them approved sooner !!

    Again, thanks and I also enjoy your blog very much !!

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