Holiday Hangover Help

Picture this. It’s 9.00am, 28th December. No idea what happened to the 26th or 27th. Kids have gone feral. You lurch from the bed to the kitchen. You spy a small yellow book under a pile of Christmas gifts, on the kitchen table:

This book will get you through whatever holiday hell you are currently experiencing. It begins by determining the level of pain you are experiencing using visual and psychometric tests and then recommends a series of recipes that will mitigate that pain, for example:

  • The Mexican Breakfast – featuring chillis, Polish Sausage, egg and tortilla (ie a Breakfast Buritto)
  • The Bloody Mary – with vodka, tomato juice and a bunch of other stuff. Basically if you go for this you need to get yourself to the next meeting of the local AA (or AAA if you’re American)
  • The Classic Bacon Sandwich, which I have done many times
  • Milton Crawford’s Fish Finger Sandwich, which is something you can make when you still cannot see straight

Whatever your prefered hangover solution keep the following, as the author quotes, in mind:

‘Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter,

Sermons and soda water the day after’.

(Lord Byron)

Happy New Year all!

12 thoughts on “Holiday Hangover Help

  1. Hangover??

    I can honestly say that in 30 + years of being a professional drinker, I have yet to have a hangover !!

    All of the food you listed would be fine for anytime snacking !!

  2. Love where your head is at… with the New Year coming quickly this is good advice for us all. Although, I have to say, there have been mornings when I would have gladly taken the Bloody Mary, especially if it had pickled southern green beans like they do in New Orleans.

    I’m American and I’m not going AA. I do not have a drinking problem, I’m actually quite good at it, thank you very much. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

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