Advertising in the Good Old Days

As someone who has spent many glorious years in the marketing profession I have learned much from the masters of yesteryear. However some advertising is probably best left forgotten…but what the hell lets drag it all out into the open once again:

Advertising in the 60’s and 70’s was heavily influenced by the genius of people like David Ogilvy. He created some of the most iconic images of that era, but it is unlikely he would have put his name to this gem:

As well as the outright sexism there were those ads, going even further back, that made spurious health claims:

Oh yeah its instant all right…

And seeing how its Christmas maybe a few tips on getting the presents we always dreamed of:

Seriously its a wonder humankind has made it into the 21st Century.

11 thoughts on “Advertising in the Good Old Days

  1. Just had a look at your website. Really nice! In all seriousness advertising is still the same in many extend, silly, crazy ,borderline and repetitive at times but somehow fascinating.
    Some ads are just genious (eg: the Xmas ad by Jonh Lewis) some are just erm.. Caugh… You know, probably coming from some very much under substance creative director. Those ads are great to see though. Never saw them before. Interesting. Thanks 🙂

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