A British Bacon Sandwich Saved My Life

I’m not exaggerating. Okay I am. But I did spend the entire morning on Friday Christmas shopping. Which happens to be in my Top 5 Hates of all time. So a quick stop at Tesco was in order (remember that’s the UK equivalent of Walmart and as their motto goes ‘If we don’t sell it….tough’.) where I picked up this little branding gem:

This pig got to run around in a field for a bit before it was turned into bacon

So by the time I got home I was starving. You need four things for the perfect British Bacon Sandwich:

  • British White Bread (uncut and it must be really doughy)
  • British Bacon (Not that cruddy stuff from Holland thats injected with water)
  • British Butter
  • British Ketchup

Of course the British thing is irrelevant. But I like banging on about it. To prepare the perfect bacon buttie dry fry four slices of bacon in a ridged skillet:

Then cut two doorstep-thick slices of bread. Butter each slice. Carefully arrange bacon rashers on to a slice of bread and squeeze a generous dollop of ketchup all over it:

Now serve up this rejuvenating creation with tea or coffee:

This is the best way to recuperate from the orgy of capitalist swinery that is Christmas. No, I know its not that bad…

12 thoughts on “A British Bacon Sandwich Saved My Life

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  2. British bacon looks a lot like Canadian bacon/ham. (nothing wrong with that)

    I couldn’t put butter on that. My grandmother grew up on a farm in the depression and that’s the way she made ham sandwiches.

    I like the idea of the thick doughy bread, and would probably toast it.

    Looks good !!

  3. Apart from the obvious Irish back bacon v the British, I have to digress and suggest English (yes the Irish bloke suggests English) mustard instead of the tomato sauce. I am 100% with you on the tea and the hell on earth that is Christmas shopping,

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