The Perils of Online Food Shopping – With Wine

So you may (or may not) be aware of the latest UK supermarket conspiracy (honestly I don’t make this stuff up). The big supermarkets are ripping us off – and that’s a fact because the BBC says so.

Dodgy offers, incorrect pricing – so on and so forth. But we’ve found a new one. Online grocery ordering, with wine. This is a whole snake pit you don’t want to mess with.

Buy one get one free? What the hell buy ten and buy another ten – its easy with a glass of chardonnay in one hand and a mouse in the other. And then three days later this lot turns up…

Who the hell ordered a glass of wine? (Can you spot it? Its like a game of ‘Where’s Wally?)

And where is it all going to go? In the poor , abused fridge of course:

The vegetables suffered terribly in the prison ‘sweat boxes’.

So you see, forget about ‘rip-off Britain’ – what we need to deal with is the evil that is online grocery ordering.

11 thoughts on “The Perils of Online Food Shopping – With Wine

    • Thats the great thing about Europe – you still have markets – ours have been wiped out by the supermarkets – in fact we have a market from France that comes over and sets up shop in our town every now and then!

  1. Door to door groceries.. that was a service I loved when I was home with a newborn.. but I wasn’t drinking too much wine at the time. Hilarious, I was looking for the wine but didn’t have any luck, I bet you drank it all;)

  2. I could NEVER buy my groceries online.

    I have to touch and look at each piece of produce that I buy and could never let “some guy” do it for me !!

    I even have to select which caned products I buy !!!!

    I do like the idea of shopping while drinking, but we have open container laws here !!!

  3. They deliver it in bags? I guess I would have thought boxes? I’m well warned – *No odering groceries after my second glass!*

    Oh, and I’m very impressed at how clean your fridge is… I’d never post ours. O.o

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