Why am I recycling for an evil corporation?

Well Tesco isn’t really evil. It’s the Walmart of the UK and it’s very handy (although my wife refuses to go there because our local one is overrun with Chav’s and nutcases (which I find kind of charming in a ‘my-life-may-not-be-perfect-but-it-could-be-so-much-worse’ kind of way).

However how stupid do they think I am? I got some cook-in-the-oven fish from them the other day and bought the most expensive battered fish I could find. I open the box and find this:

I mean what’s this? Where’s the other fish fillets? You could get nearly two more in there! Is it a conspiracy – have they been reducing the size of the fish? And I have to recycle their stupid box because we only get the bin emptied every two weeks (which is another rant just begging to be blogged about).

In a fit of pique I decided to shop at Waitrose, up the road. As I wandered around wondering why they thought sticking Heston Blumenthal’s mugshot on everything justified a 20% mark up I nearly ran over a little kid: It was the son of Katie Price, Queen of Chavs, shopping – there’s karma for you.

11 thoughts on “Why am I recycling for an evil corporation?

  1. First question: Did you expect there to be more in the package??
    Since about 2007, many manufactures have been putting less into the packages but still charging the same price. That way they would not have to raise the price to the consumer. (although the consumer would be paying a higher per oz price)
    In some cases, the packaging size stays the same for any of a variety of reasons.
    Recently (at least in America,) food prices have been going up as manufactures and retailers are not able to hold the prices down.

    I had to look up “Chav” .
    In America, that might be called “Hip Hop” ,”gang banger” or even “ghetto”. The good news is the trend for kids to act and dress like that has been fading for a few years.

    • First answer – no – we are well used to getting ripped off in the UK – we call it ‘Rip Off Britain’. Re ‘Chav’ – Chavs are renowned for wearing Burburry clothes – an upmarket brand which has revitalised that business

  2. Wait – Now I want to know if you have a “peopleoftesco.com”, like Wally world does? 😀 C’mon, please tell me you do!

    And yes, the serving sizes are getting smaller because they’re trying to be “health consious”, but really, they’re just being cheap and giving you less for more money.

  3. Yeah, packaging is sooo deceptive.. I’ve blogged about how the packages look the same but have mysteriously shrunk… just enough to make you think you’re imagining it! ps never heard about a chav… had to google that word!

  4. Next time, go to the fishmongers. Get two pieces of fresh fish. Mix some flour, an egg, a bit of salt and some pepper. Thin it with water if you need to. Batter your own fish and shallow or deep fry it yourself. Leave the supermarket to the chavworths. It will cost you less money and less stress.

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