Back to the Future with Charlie Chaplin and Steve Jobs

I read an article today on the BBC website which suggested things can go faster than light. It reminded me of this clip from YouTube which is just plain weird. Its a film of the opening of a Charlie Chaplin film in Hollywood in 1928. It shows an ‘old dear’ walking along, purely by chance so it seems, talking on a mobile phone – yes! A mobile phone. Has Steve Jobs actually gone back in time? Has he left us with the ultimate iPhone? Has he? Prove he hasn’t….

Actually I think I know the answer to this bizarre clip. But I’m not telling. Yet. And yes this is bona-fide footage – its all kosha and verified by various worthy individuals who know about this kind of thing – its really 1928 and its outside the Chinese Theatre (or Theater if you’re on the the other side of the pond). Go figure…

6 thoughts on “Back to the Future with Charlie Chaplin and Steve Jobs

    • Maybe. Or she might actually be Captain Kirk dressed as an old dear talking into his Communicator trying to find Spock? Or maybe its Steve Jobs – maybe he didn’t die but went back in time to try and steal a march on arch rivals Samsung but forgot you need transmitters for the iPhone to work and now he is stuck.

  1. I saw that clip about a month ago. It had been researched and they came up with the explanation that it was one of those handheld listening devices, like an “ear trumpet.”

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