The Works – Breakfast, English Style

The English are good at doing a lot of things half-arsed. Public transport, Olympic stadia, politics, cable TV, car industry, steak – the list goes on. However one thing we know how to do properly is breakfast. No messing about with cheeses, melon balls and croissants (sorry Europe), none of this pouring syrup over bacon, and gravy over biscuits (what’s that all about America?). In the UK we do breakfasts that ‘set in’, preparing you for the busy, active, constructive day ahead (or you might just end up sitting on the sofa blogging).

Who said a cooked breakfast is bad for you? 3 of your 5 a day are right here!

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Winter is Coming – Risotto is the Answer

Well if you live in England winter doesn’t seem to be coming but no doubt I will be proved horribly wrong at some point. Probably around a week from now. But what the hell. Risotto certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing a nice warm, fluffy, happy feeling (or is that the wine?) while the wind blows, the rain falls and the rush hour traffic becomes unbearably tedious. But this recipe has a twist – here there are two meals out of one! (see the end of this post for more).

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Ultimate Comfort – Pesto Pasta

Now I’ve seen a lot of  ‘comfort food’ on blogs in the past couple of weeks. But for the ultimate comfort food there can be only one solution – Pesto Pasta. It’s quick, easy and you can make it whilst sipping on a small glass of Chardonnay without disastrous results (which is more than can be said for Steak and Kidney Pudding).

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