Halloween in Suburban Surrey

Surrey – nice, pleasant; Home County. Ten or so miles from Central London. Nothing nasty in Surrey. Except tonight. Tonight the dead rise, the dervishes scream and the stench of death hangs heavy in the air. Also a rather unpleasant spider appeared on our quaintly dilapidated doorstep:

The hairy arachnid had a taste for russet brown paint

In our part of the world Halloween isn’t that big a deal – we tend to wait for Guy Fawkes Night (or Bonfire Night), witnessed every year on the 5th November to remember the foiling of a plot by our eponymous anti-hero to blow up the beloved British Parliament (some might now wish he had).

However the Brits are up for a laugh, and the kids love dressing up as decaying corpses and frightening old grannies out of their last reserves of candy (ie chocolate, extra sweet sugary British chocolate!)

You have a choice: give me chocolate or suffer eternal torment

So every year we keep a large bowl of goodies to hand to keep the evil out.

However it would appear the neighbours didn’t quite get the message in time, despite their best efforts:

So about 7pm large crowds of 5 to 10 year olds roam the streets, followed by shuffling, slightly embarrassed parents, looking for goodies. Amongst the humans we found one creature that looked like ET. But with a bad facelift:

I want to believe, but seriously…

So thats it really – Halloween in South London mainly means handing out lots of chocolate and sweets and hoping you don’t get eggs thrown at your windows (oh yes I forgot that’s the ‘trick or treat’ bit). Anyone throws eggs at my windows I’ll teach them about hell. Mind you  – would you argue with a crowd of zombies???

A typical crowd of zombies – is that guy at the back actually dead?

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