Thai Noodles

Here we go again. Another dish from the Orient (I am reliably informed)…with wine. This dish is light, tangy, and will not blow your brains through to next week like the last Far Eastern effort. It’s noodles, coriander, lime and prawns:


  • noodles
  • raw prawns (big ones)
  • beansprouts
  • spring onions
  • a red pepper (bell, capsicum, whatever you call it)
  • 1 green chilli, deseeded
  • chunk of ginger
  • three cloves of garlic
  • soy sauce
  • coriander
  • fish sauce
  • tablespoon of sugar
  • 2 limes (one for juice, one for slices)
  • water chestnuts


Pour a great big glass of wine (You might notice the glass above is a tumbler – we have broken every single wine glass we have). Now you need to concentrate…

Put the prawns in a bowl. Put the chilli, crushed garlic, coriander and sugar in a grinder and whizz.

Add half the lime juice and fish sauce, then pour over the prawns. Set aside.

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a wok, add the ginger and spring onions and fry for 1 min. Add the red pepper and fry for 1 min, until the pepper starts to soften.

Add the water chestnuts and bean sprouts, and toss together until the bean sprouts start to wilt. Add the soy sauce and some black pepper, then tip into a warm dish.

Heat some oil in the wok and add the prawns, lifting them out of their juices.

Toss for 1-2 mins until they turn pink, add the marinade and swirl the wok quickly, then tip onto the vegetables. Snip over some coriander leaves and sprinkle on some lime juice. Serve over some stir-fried noodles with wedges of lime.


3 thoughts on “Thai Noodles

    • Yes I thought lemongrass but it wasnt in the recipe – after the Thai Curry debacles (too hot even though i’ve made it about 20 times) i would stick to the recipe but it did need a bit of something. Do send the link for the soup!

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