Tintin – the end?

Tintin is shortly to hit the big screen. The reporter has, over the course of twenty-three adventures, taken us from the Soviet Union to South America, and over a period of five decades tackled everything from dictators to drug-runners, wars to aliens.

However some might feel short changed. His last adventure came to an ubrupt halt when his creator, Herge, died in 1983, leaving our hero in deadly peril in ‘Tintin and Alph-Art’.

Since then several people have tried to complete the story. Yves Rodier produced what is considered the best complete version in 1996 – you can read it here.

Tintin and Alph-Art

But is it any good? It starts off well enough but you soon realise it isn’t classic Tintin. For a start the drawings can get a bit ropey (check out the girl’s dodgy glasses on page 13 or the naff black car on page 15). Also the story is convoluted, feeling at times like its going round in circles.

It also gets a bit absurd, with hangings and dream sequences seemingly dotted in to pay homage to old stories and characters from the past popping up all over the place. But give him his due, Rodier completed this project more or less single handed – Herge had a whole studio working for him. And its rumoured an updated, CD-only version exists, without the dodgy cars and improved perspective shots.

Are you a Tintin fan – will you bother watching the film? And which was your favourite story? For me it has to be The Calculus Affair.

PS If the link above doesn’t work try this.

2 thoughts on “Tintin – the end?

  1. For me, as a young teenager, it was Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon. I guess that says more about my love of space than it does the actual story. I wouldn’t mind picking these to stories up for my kids… must keep an eye out for them

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