Holiday in North Korea

I confess. We can afford to go on holidays (at the moment anyway).  My problem is I read the news and the number of places Westerners can go without imminent fear of abduction, destruction or other forms of trauma is diminishing rapidly.

Whole swathes of the globe seem to have become no-go areas. I mean who in their right might would holiday in Kenya? How about South Africa? Fancy being verbally abused by the locals in the Maldives ? Well here’s an alternative location that might top the lot:

North Korea; pretty funky, no? No.

The reality is somewhat different (apart from the fact the whole thing looks like a 1970’s USSR on Purple Hearts). North Korea allegedly has concentration camps dotted about like Al-Qaeda’s diplomatic attache; here’s one from a satellite image:

The things that are said to go on in these places are akin to the Nazi death camps, the Soviet Gulags, the whole shebang rolled into one.

But you can go and holiday there. Check out the reality, not the hype!

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