Foxy Knoxy Fallout

Did she or didn’t she? Well apparently not.

Four years ago Meredith Kercher was murdered in an apartment in Perugia, Italy.

She came from Coulsdon, a small town just a few miles from my home, a place which until then was best known for being one of the last places in England to get a traffic busting by-pass!

The story was bizarre, the details horrifying. And yet in true Southern European style hysteria and pantomime quickly overtook reality.

Botched investigations, peculiar behaviour & contradictory statements by the defendants, spoiled evidence and sensationalist media coverage have conspired to destroy any sense of reality in this case.

And the media continued to warp reality until the close. Today the radio continually interspersed Foxy Noxy’s closing remarks (heart-felt and in fluent Italian) with pleas from Meredith’s family not to forget her.

Seriously how does that make sense? How does her family pleaing for her memory not to be forgotten relate to the innocence or guilt of the defendants?Its all emotion and no facts.

Maybe the police should get off their collective backsides and investigate the mystery ‘third party’.

Alternatively it might be a case of adepto absentis per interficio (No I don’t do Latin). I watched a TV drama years ago where a female student accused a male student of assualting her in his room. The story showed his and her point of view in flashback – from his perspective the whole episode was romantic and consensual, from her perpective it was cold, brutal and he was a predator. At the end of the programme he was acquitted and as he drove away from the court house in a cab with his mother he looked back over his shoulder and smirked at the camera. It was chilling.

The only thing you can really learn from this whole sorry episode is don’t get tangled up with the rozzers south of the Isle of Wight. (get an atlas out if you don’t know where that is).

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