A week in Tenerife – Part 2

Read Part 1 here

Volcanoes, Hire Cars & Dodgy Roads

Tenerife is a volcanic island that has kind of collapsed in the middle and then built up again. We decided to drive right into it. But fear not, the last eruption was ages ago (well 1909 – that isn’t exactly ages ago come to think of it).

We hired a ‘really nice’ Fiat Punto (more on that in a bit). The drive up to mountain was easy enough and the route through the volcanic landscape was stunning – at one point it was like driving on the surface of the moon (I guess) but with better gravity. By the time we reached 2,300m (as high as you can go by car) breathing had become difficult (although maybe thats because I smoke?).

Then the trip back – which started well with an amazing drive through the cloud base to the North West coast of the island. And then the brakes started scraping – we seemed to have run out of brake pads. Just as the road went from normal and to not normal – ie people trying to undertake. Hairpin bends on cliff tops. Signs to motorways leading into cobbled alleys. Old men gesticulating madly from inside ancient creaking Mercedes (i’d liked to have seen him on the M25 at 7am on a Monday morning).


We realised our daytrip would be better off coming to an end sooner rather than later when we began spotting memorials to those who obviously misjudged said bends – and there were far too many of them.

Tenerife – best bits? Seeing a real-live (dormant actually) volcano and floating around in a very nice saltwater pool. Worst bits? Getting on the Easyjet flight to Gatwick!

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