A week in Tenerife – Part 1

We’d never been to the Canaries before. Its only a couple of hundred miles west of Africa and when we went, in early September, it was still really hot (compared to a particularly drab and chilly UK).

View of La Gomera from hotel


We stayed at the Jardin Nivaria  on the South coast, in Adeje. It was a great hotel, and because it was school term time, very quiet.

I got a waterproof cover for the Kindle and basically spent much of the time floating in the heated salt water pool reading (using a foam noodle to minimise the effort).

Eating and Drinking

We didn’t eat in the hotel because the beachfront was lined with restaurants which were accessible from a lift in the hotel which was very handy for several reasons, the most important being that you can get to the local supermarket, buy very cheap good quality wine and ice, and then get back to the room without having to complete the walk of shame through hotel reception.

The food was good but predictable – none of the restaurants stood out because they all served up the same type of thing – which isn’t that suprising when you looked at the other tourists – mostly European and we all eat different things – so the restaurant owners play it safe with the kind of things you’d get at home. Which leads on to the next point.

Fellow travellers

Tenerife is a European destination. So you don’t get many Americans (guess their equivalent is the Caribbean) but you do get Russians and Eastern Europeans. Does this reflect a change in the distribution of wealth? Or am I just nosey git who spends to much time curtain twitching (metaphorically speaking).

One thing hasn’t changed. The European obsession with bagging the best sun loungers by the pool. The hotel had quite a sophisticated system to try and prevent lounger-hoggers. Each couple was given two red cards which could be exchanged for towels which could then be placed on loungers. The towel shop was open between 8am and 8pm; the idea being that you returned the towels at the end of the day and everyone started from a level playing field the next day. Of course the more canny guests simply kept their towels overnight and then got down to the pool at a ridiculous hour to bag their prefered spot.

Good luck to them. We decided to explore the island…

Read Part 2 here

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