Big Brother – someone’s got to like it Week 3

So Big Brother is back on our screens and no one is watching. Well only 0.1m people in the UK which in telly terms is very low. But the die hard fans and the original viewers that feel obliged to keep an eye on things, remain. I am one of the latter.

I have listed the winners of previous shows – the audience seem to love the ‘nice-guys’: Craig, Brian, Brian… so this should be able to guide us as to who will win.

Here is the list of the current housemates (and my opinion of them):

In Order: (and these are my thoughts on the Launch)

Mark, 28; pretend thicko, he’s like a really bad actor

Maisy, 21; blonde sales girl, celebrity wannabe

Aaron, 30; says he’s arrogant and always right – hmmm all talk?

Heaven, (heaven?) says she doesn’t like substance only soul

Tom, 21; from the Midlands, thinks he’s interesting & fun – he has a gaping mouth

Tashie, 21; slapper, Oxford university – obviously clever but hiding it

Aden, 21; London wide boy, honest eyes although he says he’s a player he looks quite nice – I’m right – he has a degree

Alex, 18; Newcastle, blonde, too young to be doing this

Harry, 23; Posh boy, bad teeth, Cheshire

Rebeckah, 28 works at Spearmint Rhino – enough

Anton, 23; private school boy – from the street

Faye, 20; thinks she’s a wrestler

Jay, 25; Newcastle?

Louise, 25 ; brunette nothingness

Week 3 eviction

So we already have sadly lost (?) Tashie and Rebekah (what was with those shoes girls?) and now up for eviction on Friday 30th September are Aaron, Aden and Heaven.

It will be Heaven. 100%

More updates next week

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